Dina Mimi

is it true that only ants walk in a circle?

Dina Mimi is a visual artist, living and working in Jerusalem. Her practice is multi-faceted and uses video, sound, performance and text. Dina has been interested in issues of death, and human remains in the public sphere, such as the normalisation of death in public sites, suicide subject; martyrdom, and protest as performance. Invisibility and visibility relation of archaeology to object and museum to death.


Ceylan Öztrük

oriental demo

Ceylan Öztrük opens up accepted forms of knowledge and focuses on how it was built to shift a specific flow and thus become tools of the structures of power. She aims to break the flow of information in the mainstream with a multi-disciplinary approach. She employs interventions and site-specific features in her practice as a methodology with which she tries to transform existing situations and frameworks. She completed her practice-based Ph.D. (2016) in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Istanbul) that she initiated her subject in Vienna in Academy of Fine Arts on Post Conceptual Art Practices in 2014. She received her graduate (MFA-2011) and undergraduate (BFA-2006) degrees from the Fine Arts Faculty at Anadolu University. Some of her recent shows are, Oriental Demo, Les Urbaines, Arsenic, Lausanne (2018), LBH Saga, Löwenbrau Lebt, Kunsthalle Zürich, Curated by M.Akanji, D.Baumann, L.Koper and O.Roth (2018); Venus Orient (Sharing), Tanzhaus, Zürich (2018); Eine Ausstellung Für Dich, Curated by Daniel Morgenthaler, Helmhaus, Zürich (2017); Call me Venus, Mars, Istanbul (2016).


Astrit Ismaili & Magdalena Mitterhofer

pink muscle

Astrit Ismaili (b.1991, Pristina, KV) is a performance artist operating in the visual arts context. They live in Amsterdam, where they hold a MA in Theatre from DasArts. Their work was shown at KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), ISCP (NYC).
Magdalena Mitterhofer (b.1994, San Candido, IT) is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer living in Berlin. She holds an MA from the Class of Hito Steyerl at the University of the Arts Berlin. Her performance works were exhibited in Villa Grisebach (Berlin), FuturaGallery (Prague), TransArt Triennale (Berlin).


Ndayé Kouagou

I don’t want any of this to be part of any of that

Ndayé Kouagou, born 1992 (France), is a performance artist, writer and sound producer who live and work in Paris suburbs. He describe his writing and performance act as "quite interesting but not really interesting, or maybe not interesting at all".


Katerina Andreou

zeppelin bend

Katerina, born in Greece /based in France,is making dances and music.She graduated from the Greek State School of Dance in Athens and the Law School of Athens. She did the master ESSAIS and collaborates with DD Dorvillier and Anne Lise Le Gac. She was awarded with the Prix Jardin d'Europe, ImpulsTanz Festival 2016 for A kind of fierce and is a Panorama artist of the network Departures and Arrivals
Ioanna,born and based in Greece is a performer. She graduated from the Greek State School of Dance and studied at the Law School of Athens. She has received the SSNF Artist Fellowship Award for 2020.


Rehema Chachage

scents of identity

Rehema Chachage’s practice can be viewed as a performative archive which untraditionally collects stories, rituals and other oral traditions in different media; performance, photography, video, text as well as physical installations which trace hi/stories directly tied to women in the Swahili region; and employ written texts, oral and aural stories, melodies, and relics from several re-enacted/performed rituals as source of research. Scents of identity is a multi-sensory piece that explores history, belonging and all that which transcends physical inheritance. Using traditional Tanzanian items and symbolic practices, the performance is an intimate introspective ritual of how the past, present, and future are inevitably interlinked and engrained within us.


Nana Biluš Abaffy & Parvin Saljoughi

green nasim

Nana Biluš Abaffy is and an artist with a background in philosophy and a foreground in experimental performance and dance. Nana believes that there is irreducible variation in the human experience and works towards establishing a space for that difference. She is a Zagreb born, Melbourne based alien. Parvin Saljoughi is an independent artist from Tehran who is professionally active in the field of performing arts, including dance, choreography and physical theater. She studied visual arts and graphics.


Kat Válastur

arcana swarm

Kat Válastur ( born in Athens) is a choreographer based in Berlin. Her works are defined by the creation of a distinctive dance language that deals with the affects and effects that derive from the power tensions of the current technological, environmental and political conditions, and how the body translates these affects into dance. Her works are presented internationally and are supported by HAU Hebbel am Ufer.


Cristina Kristal Rizzo & Charlie Laban Trier


CKR is active as a dance maker, founder of the historical collective Kinkaleri. Parallel to dance productions she has generated an intense activity of conferences, workshops and theoretical writings.
CLT is a choreographer&performer working with and for several artists around. He’s based primarily in Amsterdam. Graduated SNDO in 2018. He mainly has a background in dances connected to house music.